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Active House, USA

Active House USA in Webster MO

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Active House USA is a prototype home that is the first in North America to be certified to the Active House Alliance standards. The home is also certified for Energy STAR, ANSI ICC-700, Builder’s Challenge Home, EPA Indoor Air Quality, and EPA Water Sense metrics.

Active House USA uses the latest innovations in building technology, but the home’s exterior will flow harmoniously with the historic homes in the surrounding area. The home has also been designed to be on price for average new home construction in the highly coveted historic neighborhood of Webster Groves, MO.

By using natural elements such as lot orientation and taking advantage of daylighting as a natural energy source,Active House USA is designed to live in harmony with both the local and global environment.

The home is being designed using Active House specifications and is also designed to be certified under four North American sustainable building standards: Energy Star, EPA Indoor, Building America Builder’s Challenge, and ANSI ICC-700 also know as The National Green Building Standard. By meeting and exceeding these existing metrics and certifications, the Active House USA prototype aims to prove out and help develop metrics and standards for Active Houses around the world.

Working with repeat clients Mr. & Mrs. Smith, this home is designed, and in the construction drawing phase ! Groundbreaking should begin in April – and there will be several “open house” celebrations as construction is underway – so check local nmedia outlets for more information – as well as !

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